DECEMBER 10, 2019
Interview With Founders Of
Tampon Tribe
By Samantha Batista
S: Jennifer thanks so much for taking the time! In two sentences, can you tell us about your company?

J: Sure! Tampon Tribe is predominantly an online subscription service offering totally organic feminine hygiene products, including tampons, pads and liners. They are totally plastic-free (including the packaging - everything is 100% biodegradable), so loving women's bodies and also loving the earth.

S: When were you guys founded? Where is your HQ? Where are you domiciled and what is your legal structure?

J: We are about 2.5 years old. We are now a Delaware C-Corp and we're headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

S: who are the founders?

J: Myself (Jennifer Eden), originally from Australia and Gaby Alves, originally from Brazil.

S: Are you guys currently fundraising? If so, what round is this? How much you are hoping to close with and when?

J: We are currently raising a pre-seed round of $1.5M, with a close hopefully in the next few months. We've only just opened the round so we're not desperate.

S: What sort of investors are you looking to connect with? Smart money, just money, partnerships etc.?

J: Our ideal investor is someone who could of course add value to a consumer subscription business. Be that by way of expertise, tech, connections. To be honest, we make every dollar and every connection work so if someone is just super psyched about the business then we would be fine with just a monetary investment. Would be great to find someone who understands the subscription space as well as the organic and plastic- free business - this way they get our business and what we're about.

S: Have you guys received any previous investment?

J: We've been predominantly bootstrapped but we did two equity crowd fundraises through WeFunder. We just finished up with The Launch accelerator out of San Francisco which was super super exciting, we're part of their LA50 group. We received $100K from them. It's a super competitive accelerator to get into, so it's just been an amazing experience.

S: Besides fundraising, what other resources are you looking for that maybe some of our readers can provide?

J: To be honest, we're resource-poor as any little startup is; we would love to expand our sales team - we're working really hard in increasing our recurring revenue and enterprise sales. We would also like to drive our costs of goods down and we do that by importing more products at a time and increasing our warehousing and shipping capabilities.We also would love help with marketing; especially influencer marketing.

S: What are your hopes for tampon tribe in 2020 and 2021? And what do you need to get there?

J: We want to get to a $1M run rate in 2020, which we're super excited about. At the moment, we're at a 25% MoM growth trajectory. We did 28% last month and 56% the month before - Launch has been helping us with that a lot. We might not be able to maintain 25% MoM growth, but we will be able to maintain growth. This is our primary focus for the end of this quarter and next year. Then 2021 would be 5-10x'ing that.

S: Are there any other interesting performance metrics that you'd like to share with us?

J: In our first year we grew by 300%+ which was super exciting. Since then, we've been growing 25% MoM and we've exceeded that over the last two months. We are also hyper-focusing on MoM recurring revenue in the enterprise sector; we've got some large enterprise clients already.

S: So just double clicking on that, who are your major / top clients?

J: New York Health and Racquet Club, Pixar Studios, Postmates, Thrive Market, Georgetown University and a lot of other smaller ones.

S: Who is your biggest competitor and what is your edge over them?

J: The two biggest competitors are MyLola and Cora. Our biggest advantage or our greatest differences between those two is that we are the only company that uses 100% certified organic cotton in all of our products. We don't use any fillers, bleachers, chemicals or any toxins at all even in our pads and our liners. We also don't use any plastics at all - we are the only company not using plastics. Everything is compostable and biodegradable. That's super important to who we are. We are also the only company that offers a totally customizable online subscription. You can go in to our mash up product and pick exactly what you want in your bag every month, and you can change it month to month, no problem at all. We just see every woman's body as being totally different so we know that everyone loves to customize the products they receive. We also don't use any plastics in our packaging and or refills. We also source our cotton from ethical, sustainable and organic farmers (which means we're also vegan and hypoallergenic).

S: What sparked you to start Tampon Tribe? Why do you think investors should get involved?

J: We loved the recurring revenue model of Dollar Shave Club and how he was totally innovating and disrupting an industry. We really thought about what we're passionate about how we could impact the world. We are passionate about women's health, have strong business backgrounds, strong health backgrounds and encourage being plastic-free. Being from Australia and Gaby from Brazil, we are so passionate about our oceans and our beaches and wanted to create something for women that wasn't in the market which honored that. We were really surprised to find that there wasn't anything out there that did those two things, you know? We started out sourcing materials and also making it cool in terms of packaging. Our packaging is "new" it's not old boxes or plastic laden packaging, it's very "now" and very innovate and we'll continue to innovate with our products and our packaging as well!